Clause library integrated in contract automation

Contracts for which legal counsel are consulted, usually require a specialty. That one additional provision that was not anticipated in the template: for the transaction with a key supplier, for the one strategic element in a collaboration, or the risky part of supplying a competitor. A clause library integrated in contract automation is your solution.

And then for the legal counsel it is time to draft a clause. Often from scratch (re-invent the wheel) or to consult colleagues to find a proper example.

A key functionality of the Weagree Wizard is the central, searchable clause library. This central place for reusable contract building blocks reinforces a high quality and consistency of the contract templates. Thanks to a clause library that many errors and inconsistencies are avoided.

A clause library integrated in contract automation empowers legal counsel with direct access: (a) for exceptional cases not covered by the contract template, and (b) for tailoring mark-up clauses in a contract received from the other party:

  • on a per-template basis (i.e. for a particular transaction only) a user can insert an ad hoc template-unrelated clause, during the Q&A, into the template (e.g. a clause for sale and delivery of real estate or intellectual property into an SPA)
  • a single (set of) tailor-made clauses for your mark-up of the other party’s draft proposal
  • reusable clauses all available for insertion in several templates
  • variations on a building block arranged together (thanks to categorisation and a search-and-filter functionality)

Thanks to the centralised and integrated nature of Weagree’s integrated clause library functionality, contract-maintenance work is minimised: updating a clause-library clause immediately applies to all templates in which that clause is used.

Experience yourself what our clause library (integrated in contract automation) means.

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