Contract Lifecycle Management (Clm)

Real-time editor (WYSIWYG) in contract automation

For many people, contract automation feels as the abandonment of control. Because answering a questionnaire gives the uncomfortable experience of traversing a tunnel, many people prefer a Word-document. Plus: lawyers are control freaks by nature.

If you cannot see the effects of your answers directly or check if the necessary nuance is there, people want Word. That’s where delay and inefficiency join the race. It’s also where a real-time editor (WYSIWYG) in contract automation makes the difference.

What if you can keep track of every change to your contract because it’s right there on your screen, or on your monitor next to it? Starting with the answers to your Q&A. The final Word document will include all your tweaks as if they had been in the model contract all the time. (And if you click feedback the admin can update the template for your modifications with just a few clicks.)

While answering the questionnaire, you can detach Weagree’s real-time editor and position it on a second monitor. On mobile phones, you must swipe to activate the real-time editor.

Weagree is unique in this: no other contract automation solution offers this level of convenience and control. No tunnel.

Experience yourself what our clause library (integrated in contract automation) means.

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