Contract Lifecycle Management (Clm)

Reporting and monitoring your team’s busyness

Team leaders may have difficulties keeping track – monitoring and reporting

  • of pending transactions
  • or the busy-ness or workload of their team.

A lack of insight complicate guiding your struggling team member. Some may underperform, while others might be drowning.

A good road captain has an overview on pending business and immediate insight in everyone’s busy-ness. Not everyone reaches out when something goes wrong, and occasionally, the workload is too high. (Real cyclists don’t whine after falling into barbed wire.)

It takes one click to monitor your team’s busy-ness or workload.

Oh, and when you set a date, it moves along. (You can filter on a certain date or period, and make this your predefined dashboard button, and in a month from now, the filter is automatically updated.) Weagree’s buttons stay up to date.

More about reporting or monitoring forthcoming deadlines and expiries

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