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Weagree’s automated AI contract review

AI – analysing hundreds and thousands of contracts, for example loan agreements. What if we tell you that most of the AI-technology is already more than 15 years old? Automated AI contract review sounds abstract and it may feel threatening: yet another big innovation project?

Legal tech proves to be challenging to implement, and automated AI contract review sounds like a mountain too high to cycle. And anyway off road.

What AI (artificial intelligence) vendors may tell you sounds promising and spectacularly innovative. But 15 years old… is that “spectacularly innovative?”

AI contract analysis technology is open source software. In the chemical and pharma sectors, AI-driven analysis of documents has been common practice for decades. What if Weagree adopted this open source technology by simply connecting it to the Weagree Wizard? And that is of course what we have been developing.

As one of the only contract automation vendors worldwide, Weagree is not Word-integrated. Those who preferred the look and feel of Word for contract automation now suffer the adverse consequences facing the implementation of automated contract analysis technology. Not Weagree.

Our technology platform makes the Weagree Wizard perfectly fit for AI.

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