LinkedIn group Drafting contracts

LinkedIn niche group. Weagree moderates a niche LinkedIn group, Drafting contracts. The group is entirely focused on contract drafting. Over 45,000 legal professionals joined the group. Discussion topics relate to:

  1. Sharing model contract clauses
  2. Best practices of drafting clear and unambiguous contract clauses
  3. The use of ‘legalese’ or archaic contract language
  4. Why or when to use certain contract language
  5. Legal or practical impact of certain contract clauses
  6. Comparative (contract) law enquiries
  7. Cross-border contracting and negotiating
  8. Checklists for contracts
  9. (How to) cooperate on model contracts
  10. The look & feel of a contract

In the LinkedIn group, you are unlikely to find information on job inquiries, contributions mainly aiming at the sale of a product or (legal) service, or personal advertisements.

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