Model contracts Weagree have shared (free)

Most legal professionals struggle with the same problem: good model contracts are hard to find. Finding good model clauses is almost impossible.

That’s why we have created this online platform where legal professionals could share model contracts, for free. If you are a community member, feel encouraged to SHARE one of your model contracts !

Weagree’s shared model contracts

Weagree’s free model contract templates can be downloaded (free of charge):

  1. Distribution agreement
  2. (Commercial) agency agreement
  3. General purchasing agreement (extensive strategic procurement, incl. IP development work under a statement of work)
  4. Services agreement (customer-friendly, incl. intellectual property rights’ aspects) both a basic and an extensive version
  5. Services agreement (provider-friendly, incl. intellectual property rights’ aspects)
  6. Joint development agreement
  7. Trademark licence agreement
  8. Technology escrow agreement
  9. Loan agreement (unsecured, medium size)
  10. Joint venture agreement (incorporated)
  11. Confidentiality agreement (NDA) mutual
  12. Non-disclosure agreement – one-sided (‘we disclose’)
  13. Non-disclosure agreement – one-sided (‘they disclose’)
  14. Goods on loan agreement (loan of equipment)

[Work in progress: model contracts will be uploaded and linked here from time to time]

Weagree’s shared clause library

Weagree shared its clause library with all kinds of miscellaneous (boilerplate) provisions and quasi-miscellaneous clauses in the clause library:

[Under construction: model clauses will be uploaded and linked here shortly]

Weagree’s contract checklists

  • Definition of the “Business” of a joint venture, a collaboration or other business: guidelines for adequately defining such ‘box’ within which the JVC must operate.

[Work in progress: contract checklists are uploaded and linked here from time to time]

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