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Drafting contracts

The online book: Drafting contracts

We hope you’ll find all you need to know about contracts here. With this online book, you’ll master all about contract drafting, thanks to hundreds of recommendations and best practices.

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1. General drafting principles

It's all about keeping your contract simple, and avoid ambiguity. Oh, and there are a few techniques to keep a contractual clause readable.

2. Matters of legal culture and contract styles

Everyone has their own contract drafting style. But there are also characteristic differences between American-style and non-American style of drafting a contract.

3. Contract outline (approach and clause order)

Where to start writing a contract, and how to order the contract clauses is all up to the parties. But there are a number of best practices for structuring your agreement well.

4. Structuring the transaction documents

Observations on when and how to use schedules or annexes.

5. Presentation: look & feel

Which font to choose? Every one has its characteristic - stands for something. Which font size? And what are frequently used numbering and indentation styles?

6. Typical drafting habits and 'legalese'

Old-school wording, thoughtless writing and tricky drafting. This chapter explains where it comes from and where to be careful.

7. Definitions and contract interpretation clauses

Defined terms and definitions. Much can go wrong. When to use definitions, how to present them, and numerous dilemmas resolved.

There are 22 best practice rules on defintions that prevent ambiguity.

8. Particular types of clauses

How to draft:
- Recitals
- Conditions (precedent)
- Covenants
- Warranties
- Limitations of liability
- Dispute resolution clauses
- Miscellaneous (boilerplate) clauses

9. Contract automation and legal tech

We were already concerned about legal tech and implementation in 2011.

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