End-to-end contract management means...

Inefficiencies in contracting processes and inadequate contracts brake your business. Especially if it depends on involving multiple stakeholders. Transactions and business relations are easiest managed in an end-to-end contract management solution. It means that all contracts and contracting-related aspects are as much as possible automated.

Weagree is a contracting wizard: packed with functionality that accelerate your contract cycle. You may conclude it following our roadmap. When you start cycling, take the right gear and the right features.

End-to-end contract management means fully integrated:

Contract Lifecycle Management (Clm)

Contract automation

(contract creation)

Contract automation (questionnaire-based
contract creation)

A user-friendly questionnaire, also accessible on smartphones or tablets (swipe through) with possibility to filter Q&A questions based on user-authorisation level.

Created contracts can be simple or highly complex and, in addition to all common Q&A-optionalities, process lookup-table-data, perform automated calculations on user-input, format numbers, user-input-validation, calculate dates and deadlines – we recorded a short demo video of calculating dates and deadlines in construction contracts).

Realtime viewerCheck your contract as you answer the questionnaire in a WYSIWYG viewer. The realtime WYSIWYG screen can be detached from the browser (e.g. viewed on a second monitor).
Guest access inviteInvite guests into your questionnaire to help answering your Q&A (included in licence).
Q&A user feedback featureEnd-users can provide feedback on Q&A-formulations, contract text, typos, and incomprehensive provisions in a user-friendly manner. And the admins can adopt any proposed changes with only two clicks (and discuss them with the commenting user).
PDF-onlyRestrict a user to generate their contracts in PDF-format only (default is both PDF and editable Word).
(access to external CRM)
In-questionnaire access to Weagree’s party database, including API-powered sourcing from integrated external CRM’s or legal entity sources.
Confidentiality-related access-rightsPossiblity to mark a contract entry as confidential (making it invisible and inaccessible for unauthorised colleagues).
E-signing pluginYou can orchestrate the entire e-signing process from within Weagree: initiate, monitor, and check the actions of each e-signatory (opened, downloaded, read, or e-signed). All e-signature providers are supported: DocuSign, Evidos, etc.
SharePoint, ERP
and DMS integrations
Fully automated file sync or export options to and from SharePoint (or other DMS). Feel Weagree, file elsewhere.

Contract automation - lawyers’ features

Realtime editor (WYSIWYG under-water-screen)User cannot only see their contract realtime, but also edit it while answering the Q&A.
Clause library integrated (standalone + within Q&A)Clause library: (a) to insert clauses during questionnaire into a specific contract; (b) to tailor a standalone clause (for inserting into a markup); (c) to reuse clauses in multiple templates (minimise template maintenance).
Projects (clustered contracts, transactions, and collaboration among end-users)Create suites of related contracts related to a multi-document transaction (and reuse the answers given in one Q&A for creating the other, related contracts and documents). Where end-users from different user groups participate in the transaction or project, they can see the existence of templates to which they have no access rights, but not modify the Q&A answers of questionnaires to which they are not entitled.
Model contracts accessDirect access to model contracts and samples outside the Weagree Wizard (e.g. intranet).
Q&A exportCreate export (a) of an answered Q&A for review by supervisor; (b) of the full Q&A of a template (for template maintenance, optimising Q&A formulations, and Q&A options).
Q&A import (import a reanswered questionnaire)Sometimes it is easier to just export the answered Q&A and
Batch-based contract creationCreate large volumes of contracts based on imported Q&A spreadsheet. The multiplication of contract entries can be achieved by multiplying in the spreadsheet. Useful in case of relatively simple documentation with limited Q&A questions.
Business intelligence (BI) insight in contractsHow did we answer any (first-draft) Q&A-questions? In a few clicks, full reports can be generated with the history of Q&A answering by yourself and colleagues.
API and export servicing of contract data and generated documentsAdvanced external integration options: (a) to import contract data to, (b) to export contract data from, (c) to export contracts (and contract-related files) from external IT solutions. Contracts can be initiated from external applications (deep linked or in popups).
Template testingTemplate implementation and maintenance is configured such that, in an intuitive manner, senior legal counsel can review and modify Q&A formulations in tooling separate from admin-tooling.
Weagree Implementation Services End-To-End Contract Management Means

Contract lifecycle management (CLM)

General contract lifecycle management (CLM)Manage your signed contracts (a) to prevent inadvertent expiry or unintended automatic renewal or extension, (b) to monitor high-value or high-risk contracts on key data, (c) to prevent revenue leakage and enjoy all contracted benefits. Signed contracts can be managed for the data specific to the type of your contract, you can define several sets of contract data, per type of contract.
Available as fully integrated with contract automation or standalone. Can also be used as integration-step up from contract automation towards an external ER (for the ease of managing and updating the contract data before metadata export).
Repository (contracts and contract-related schedules and other files)The central repository for storing signed contracts and all related schedules, contracts, and other files. One-click access to the files, including an option to archive non-current versions.
GDPR registerThe CLM can be configured to operate as a GDPR register, including reporting options. CLM-managed contracts can be configured to be erased after the retention period on a per contract basis (retention periods can be adjusted).
Managed-contracts status overviewOne-click overview, reporting, and monitoring functionality. Can relate to monitoring or reporting both on individual users and on specific contracts. Great user-flexibility.
Managed-contract (deadline) alert notificationsAutomated e-mail alerts on any contract deadline. Can be preconfigured by the admin (avoid adverse consequences for lazy or careless end-users), as well as configured by the contract owners (fine-tune notifications based on contract particularities).
Advanced contract (deadline) alert notificationsAdvanced options to determine deadlines, milestones, and relevant contract dates, including interdependent on other deadlines or on variable lead time, follow-up period, or preparation time.
Projects / clustering of managed contractsManage clusters of contracts (contract that are related to another, incl. amendments, supplements, and statements of work). Neither of the project-related contracts must originate from Weagree’s contract automation.
Monitoring and reporting managed contracts (export)Export of overviews and reports. Flexible, end-user-configurable.
Contract importPossibility to import non-Weagree originating contracts for management in Weagree CLM.
Contract numbersWeagree can assign contract numbers to your contracts. The contract number can be composed of elements such as year or date indicators.
Confidentiality-related access-rightsPossibility to mark a contract entry as ‘confidential’ – making it invisible and inaccessible for unauthorised colleagues.
Model Contracts Weagree H End-To-End Contract Management Means

Automated model contracts

(enterprise-grade templates, useful for non-core business purposes)

15 automated commercial contract templatesOptionally, with the Weagree Wizard comes with 15 high quality automated commercial contracts: Services agreement (both provider-friendly and procurement-geared); Distribution agreement; Agency agreement; Loan agreement; General purchasing agreement (long-term supply); Goods on loan agreement; NDA; Joint development; Consultancy agreement; etc.
Dms Contract Versions Management

Weagree Workspace (DMS)

(contract preparations, negotiation, versioning, e-signing etc.)

Transactions / document managementNot only create your contracts, but also collect the documents and files related to that contract. Upload non-Weagree originating contracts into Weagree and make organising your pending transactions much easier. One page for all your pending transactions.
Upload contract versions, schedules, SOW’s and other contract-related filesMost contracts are negotiated in successive contract versions. All can be stored and organised together with (convenient drag-and-drop). One-click access.
Compare documentsWith two clicks, you can create a compare between two versions of a contract to see the tracked changes and store the compare in the contract file.
Collegial contract creation
(visibility My colleagues on My wizard tab)
While you have your own contracts together in one overview, higher authorised user can also keep track of their colleagues’ contracts (e.g. in time of holidays or illness).
SharePoint / iManage (DMS plugin)If storage is better organised in another DMS (document management system), Weagree can be integrated. The user experiences this as their Weagree Wizard-environment, while in fact the files are on SharePoint, iManage or the like.
E-signing (plugin)E-signature solutions can be plugged into the Weagree Wizard where users can initiate e-signing and monitor its progress from within Weagree. The e-signed contract is automatically returned to the correct contract entry. Plugins for many e-signing solutions are available. Implementation takes a few minutes only.
Contract import (from New contract page)Contracts that are not originated within the Weagree Wizard (e.g. contracts drafted by the counterparty or those simply not automated) can be uploaded and organised (incl. schedules and contract-related files).
Icon Contract Approval Workflow 60 End-To-End Contract Management Means

Contract-approval workflows

(incl. internal deliberations and historical logging)

Basic approval workflows (user-based or template-based)Contract entries or individual end-users can be subjected to approval. The workflow functionality is included in the licence fees (approvers free of charge).
Right to approve (access to workflow-tab) 
Differentiated approval workflowsApproval workflows can operate parallel (two or more approver tracks), sequential (seniors only involved after others approved beforehand), and Q&A-driven (approval workflows only triggered depending on the Q&A answer given).
Approval discussions (per contract entry)Contract requestor and approvers can discuss a contract request: ask questions, explain rejection, give conditions for approval. Linked with e-mail communication. Communications are stored with the contract entry.
Collegial approval (for colleagues)Option to approve for colleagues (e.g. holidays, illness).
Configuration of approval flowsEasy and intuitive configuration of approval workflows.
Contract Reporting And Monitoring

Contract reporting and transaction monitoring

(leadership insight)

Pending contracts and transactionsAs general counsel, head of legal, manager legal operations or partner or senior counsel, you want to have a quick insight in what team members, colleagues or business departments are working on. Contracts should not remain unsigned and business opportunities should not inadvertently be lost. One-click overviews therefore! You can configure the search and filter options intuitively and easily.
Usage monitoring and reporting (who created what?)The reporting tooling allows authorised end-users (a) to see who is working on which (pre-signing) contracts, and (b) for whom which (or how many) contracts will expire or bring deadlines in a certain, presumably future period (after-signing).
Monitoring and reporting on CLM managed contractsThe reporting tooling enables authorised users to monitor which signed contracts will expire, have an upcoming deadline, require reconsideration of renewal, both for their own managed contracts and those of their colleagues within the same user groups.
In addition, authorised users can also monitor their CLM contracts for any contract metadata: value+expiry, value+first delivery, exclusivity arrangements, territorial scope, termination rights, transferability, licence scope, IP entitlements etc.
Icon Legal Entity Management End-To-End Contract Management Means

Entity management

(corporate housekeeping and legal entity-level insights)

Legal entity management introducedThe Weagree Wizard has a fully integrated party database, an internal CRM, with entity management and corporate housekeeping. This is included in the licence (no extra charges), however, can be switched off.
Party database (own parties) + ‘who may sign?’Basic party details are collected in a central party database (one database for ‘own parties’ and one for ‘other parties’). Either can be integrated via API with external applications. The legal entities can be assigned to user groups to manage their availability per type of contract or their accessibility per group of end-users.
The overview also contains the details of all board members, as well as (if applicable) the legal entities in which that party itself is a board member.
Party database (other parties)The entity management tooling is available in respect of ‘other parties’ as well. Procurement can monitor the creditworthiness and compliance of suppliers and partners by using Weagree’s entity management.
Party database configuration & batch upload of CRMAdmin can add party fields to be used for a specific context. The part database contains tooling to upload spreadsheets with multiple (own or other) parties.
Corporate housekeeping (governance: MDs, NEDs, PoA’s)Advanced entity management and corporate housekeeping allows one-click access to various details of a legal entity, presented in a convenient overview screen: company addresses, office locations etc. corporate structure and corporate documentation.
Corporate housekeeping (shareholders and subsidiaries)Per legal entity, the shareholders and their shareholdings (voting and financial percentages) can be identified, as well as the respective dates of share acquisitions. The same applies for any subsidiaries and other participations held by the entity.
Org-chartOne-click creation of an org-chart of the legal entity.
Corporate housekeeping (articles, bylaws, SHA’s)Per legal entity, all constitutional and other corporate documentation (incl. shareholders agreements) are collected in fully integrated, central Weagree entity management module.
Corporate housekeeping (financial accounts and related)Per legal entity, any financial accounts, lawyer’s letters and other certificates, certifications and public licences are collected in the fully-integrated central Weagree entity management module.
Corporate housekeeping (resolutions and minutes)Per legal entity, board resolutions, shareholder resolutions, and, (if applicable) supervisory board resolutions are collected. The common types of resolutions (appointments, adoption accounts, dividends etc.) can be configured by the Weagree-admin.
Corporate housekeeping (contracts, notifications)Per legal entity, a fully automated overview is generated of all contracts (in the Weagree CLM) to which that legal entity is a party.
Entity management admin / maintenanceImplementing and maintaining legal entity management is quick, easy, and intuitive. Admins have great flexibility to configure Weagree’s entity management.
Icon Ai Automated Contract Review End-To-End Contract Management Means

Automated contract review (human-assisted AI)

Contract analysis supporting contract creation + workspace Under construction
Contract analysis supporting CLM The Weagree Wizard contains AI tooling enabling the automated analysis of contracts. Uploaded contracts are tagged fully automatically for the CLM-contract data fields on which that contract is to be managed.
Admin tooling Under construction
Icon Contracts Admin Tooling 60 End-To-End Contract Management Means

Intuitive admin-tooling

(fast, super-easy implementation)

Admin training (12 hours)

Watch our video tutorials here and master the Weagree admin-tooling.

Believe it or not: within 6 hours, you are able to insert model contracts and build the related questionnaires yourself. That works for the peloton of your model contract templates.

There are probably some special cases among your contract templates: learning how to insert them may take you another 2 to 4 hours. Believe it or not: we have seen some real complicated contracts.

Template creation and Q&A building (TCT)We have made the Weagree admin tooling so user-friendly that after inserting some five or six templates, you master it all yourself: do the administrator work at 60 percent of the time needed with our competitors’ contract automation ‘authoring’ tooling. In other words: automate even the most complex contract templates in almost half of the time competitive contract assembly software would require from you (even contract assembly vendors that promise ‘no coding’). It is because most of Weagree’s templates are visualise – making it super easy.
Clause library managementCentral clause-library for easy clause management: search and filter on clause owner, keyword, category, language or simply the clause description. Adding a clause from a Weagree template to the clause library is a matter of one click only.
Template management (new contract-page configuration)Adding and managing access to Weagree templates is intuitive for any admin.
Q&A (formulations) editingAnnoying in implementing contract automation is that a senior-legal involvement is to be combined with junior semi-IT template insertion work. Requiring lawyering to be combined with low-level ‘coding’. Weagree has made this easy: (a) no coding in the first place, and (b) splitting off the senior legal counsel’s task: they have their own Q&A-dedicated tooling to review, reformulate Q&A questions, default Q&A-answers, and add any Q&A explanatory notes.
Q&A feedback managementEnd-users have the possibility to give feedback on questionnaire, contract text, Q&A options, etc. The feedback is collected centrally in the admin tooling. Admins have one-click access bringing them straight to the commented contract clause (in the right template, at the right Q&A-point etc.) and can implement the proposed change with one click.
Super-easy template maintenance! No Post-its or lost notebook scribbles for maintaining your templates at the highest standards.
Contract house styles configurationYour contracts must be in (one of) your contract house styles. Consistently. Weagree has integrated tooling for tweaking the contents of all contract headers and footers, for the cover page layout, the formatting of clause captions, the levels to be automatically included in a table of contents, the naming of generated contracts, how contracting parties are to be referred to, etc. No inconsistencies anymore, not even in the details.
E-mail notification (texts) managementThe Weagree Wizard and Weagree CLM send e-mail notifications for various purposes. The mail text templates, the mail’s look & feel can be configured entirely to your liking (e.g. the corporate Mailchimp’s newsletter look & feel). Everyone can do this.
CLM contract sheet configurationSet up your CLM based on the specifics of the contracts of your business, in a few minutes only. You determine the metadata. In a few clicks, Weagree’s CLM is implemented and ready to go.
API configuration (field mapping external integrations)All data external integrations are configurable by the end-user. Plugins are self-explanatory (any details, authentication keys, etc. can easily be entered, provided that you are familiar with your own applications with which you want to integrate).
Configuration project templates (suites of linked contracts)Suites of linked templates (linking Q&A fields cross-template) are easy to configure: the user-interface is the same as for setting up the Weagree CLM or configuring the Weagree API.
Portal look & feel customisationYou have your own portal and your own database. You can configure the Weagree portal to your liking: your corporate’s house style guide, your own colours. Of course, we regret that you would part with Weagree’s magenta, but we understand the challenges of change management and maximising user-experience.
Portal-languages managementThe Weagree Wizard supports all languages. Translating the portal’s text labels, tooltips, and table headings is easy: while translating everything (from English, French, Dutch, Spanish, German) might take a short day: uploading it onto the portal is a matter of seconds.

and much much more. Check our roadmap.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We are developing the Weagree Wizard fast, collaborating with the very best programmers of the Netherlands. With them, we have been working for many years, so if you check boxes, do not assume that certain functionalities were not available. It is more safe to assume that we have not been able to update our website with a video of a new functionality, and contact us to ask.

Terms of Use

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