Acceptance (testing) clause regarding deliverables - customer-friendly - clause library

Acceptance (testing) clause regarding deliverables – customer-friendly – clause library

Weagree model clause. Requires acceptance tests from the customer, to test against the Specifications in a Statement of Work. Requires full delivery (not partially) on time. Provides for remedies in case of failure to meet Specs

Weagree model clause library clause. Requires ‘acceptance’ for each deliverable under an SOW on time. Partial acceptance tests may not be required from the customer (i.e. customer may refuse acceptance testing if deliverables are not (clearly) complete or completed.

Acceptance tests lead to payment of the milestone (if the milestones meet the specifications), or to an obligation to fix any defects within the agreed time schedule (no postponement of deliverables if service provider fails to meet the criteria). In case of disagreement whether milestones meet the specifications, expert determination is provided.

Although legally unnecessary, the clause provides that payment by the customer does not constitute ‘acceptance’.

(IP) ownership in milestones vests in the customer as from the moment service provider creates the deliverable, regardless whether delivery has already taken place (and regardless of ‘acceptance’).

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