Arbitration and mediation model clauses

Arbitration and mediation model clauses

The model arbitration and mediation clauses of major arbitration institutes worldwide. Including the model arbitration clauses where mediation is (voluntarily or mandatorily) preceded by mediation or alternative dispute resolution (ADR), or by an escalation clause.

Arbitration and mediation model clauses included are:

  • ICC (with various alternatives for mandatory level of mediation);
  • NAI (Netherlands Arbitration Institute);
  • LCIA (London Court of International Arbitration);
  • Swiss Chambers of Commerce;
  • Stockholm Chambers of Commerce;
  • CIETAC (China);
  • IDRC / AAA (U.S.A.);
  • CEDR (mediation);
  • SIAC (Singapore International Arbitration Centre);

An escalation clause requires that in case of dispute, the senior directors or other officers of the contracting parties must attempt to settle a dispute before any arbitration may be initiated.

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