Services agreement (procurement) - incl. IPR, acceptance and variation - extensive

Services agreement (procurement) – incl. IPR, acceptance and variation – extensive

Services agreement for procurement of any kind of services described in a statement of work, and that may result in development of IP, where acceptance of deliverables is required, and variation or further detailing provided. Contains IP indemnity

Weagree’s model contract provides extensively for provision of all sorts of services (and is slightly geared towards the interest of the purchaser). Services may include consultancy, software development, technical support, engagement for advice, manufacturing etc. The agreement assumes that an SOW (statement of work) is attached. The template furthermore provides for the supplier to provide input in time, for the supplier to deliver (in milestones) on time.

There is a mechanism permitting both parties to modify the specifications of the milestones to be delivered by the service provider, which may lead to extra costs and distinguishes for mere detailing (as opposed to creating extra work).

In a separate clause an amicable mechanism for acceptance testing of deliverables and milestones is provided, including a mechanism to settle any disputes in this respect.

The model contract provides for an allocation of IP rights and indemnity in case of IPR infringement claims. The indemnity contains appropriate exclusions and carve-outs.

A short outline for topics of an SOW (statement of work) is included.

This model services agreement is also automated, and available on this website. You can customise your own services agreement here.

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