Services agreement (provider-friendly + IPR) – Extensive

Weagree's model services agreement, with a scope defined in a project description, statement of work or in abstract wording. Assuming the service provider creates IP (intellectual property rights). Distinguishing foreground (existing) IP from background (under-this-contract-created) IP. Includes IP-indemnity.

This model contract is Weagree’s model services agreement. It allows for flexibility in addressing Service (results) specifications in the project description or SOW. An extensive clause grants the customer a right to all IP created by the service provider (foreground IP). This Weagree model contract template assumes that existing IP (background IP) is properly available to the customer and that no further licence is required.

Contains a basic clause on regular evaluating the provision of services. It includes a clause on ‘Variation’ (or ‘Modifications’ or Work changes) of the specified service deliverables or milestones.

Also a clause on ‘acceptance’ testing is included, with a simple mechanism to settle disagreements.

The agreement presumes the establishment of a steering committee (or joint project team) with the customer.

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