Confidentiality agreement (mutual)

Confidentiality agreement (mutual)

Weagree's template Non-disclosure agreement ("NDA"). Where both parties will disclose confidential information. With optional "Purposes" and optional clauses that can be included depending on the context.

The NDA is mutual, with reasonable requirements regarding what is confidential information.

Contains the basics: obligation to keep secret and treat confidential information with due care; limitation of use of the disclosed information to the Purpose only; prohibition to use that information for other purposes; common, limited exemptions for information that is in the public domain or developed independently, etc.

Optional provisions:
– limited to certain named employees or persons
– Non-analysis (of disclosed information such as samples) for non-permitted purposes
– competition law provision (duty not to share information of a competition sensitive nature)
– retrospective effect (to cover preceding disclosures)
– intellectual property rights (avoiding discussion on who owns suggestions for improvement by the receiving party)

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