Indemnity (third-party IP infringement) clause - customer-friendly - clause library

Indemnity (third-party IP infringement) clause – customer-friendly – clause library

Indemnification clause: indemnifying the customer against any liability resulting from claims it received regarding IP infringement by supplier's product or service. Includes obligations to notify, and to repair or replace. Not included are customer-related carve-outs or a counter-indemnity. (Weagree clause library).

Weagree model contract clause, suitable in technology contracts.

Providing for indemnification, *with the obligation* (not on condition) that the customer reports the infringement claim promptly, with all related information, co-operates in the defence, and allows supplier control.

Includes obligations to procure intermediate solutions, as well as a finally suitable solution for the claimed IP infringement.

Does not contain carve-outs related to customer-caused infringements.

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