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Masterclass Contract drafting


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Become the contract drafting expert everyone consults for all contract drafting matters, making you feel super-confident:

  • Why certain contract wording is plain nonsense or redundant ‘legalese’
  • Commenting and negotiating draft contracts under a foreign law
  • Spotting any unclear or ambiguous contract clauses
  • Know what makes sense and what is hollow wizard wording

Follow the courses in your own time, at your convenience.

  1. Format and structure of contracts (include 3 courses)
  2. Contract building blocks (include 9 courses)
  3. Contract language (include 5 courses)
  4. Cross-border contracting (include 2 courses)



Max Werkhoven
Posted 2 years ago
Clear and concise course on contract drafting

This We Agree course on Contract drafting provides for a concise - yet fairly complete - course on contract drafting. Depending on legal background knowledge, it might be of (better) use taking a piecemeal approach.

Avadhesh Kumar
Posted 3 years ago

This masterclass is very good and easy to understand.

Wester Jansen
Posted 3 years ago
Great insight

Great to have this large insight into contract drafting. A joy to follow and great to see the enthusiastic presentation.

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