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The book Drafting contracts addresses all your contract drafting issues in a concise and structured manner. Become the contract drafting expert everyone consults for all contract drafting matters, making you feel super-confident about why certain contract wording is plain nonsense or redundant ‘legalese’, mastering clear and unambiguous contracting.

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The book Drafting contracts discusses techniques for avoiding ambiguities and improving the readability of an agreement and contains many best practice rules and recommendations relating to all aspects of contract drafting. It provides a helpful insight into the common core of European legal systems and highlights key differences with U.S. legal practice.

The book is an essential reference guide for in-house counsel and attorneys-at-law. Drafting Contracts addresses:

  • Do’s and don’ts relating to drafting definitions, conditions precedent, covenants, warranties, dispute resolution clauses and other miscellaneous (boilerplate) provisions
  • Many examples of ‘legalese’ and typical contract phrases
  • Drafting style and legal culture
  • Structure and presentation of agreements
  • How to upstage your model contracts effectively and efficiently
  • Aspects of implementing (automated) contract assembly software

This book Drafting contracts discusses phrases such as for the avoidance of doubt and excluding its choice of law principles; it explains why many miscellaneous clauses are redundant and further clarifies that in witness whereof is ‘common law language’ (and, if relevant at all, meaningless in civil law jurisdictions).

About the author

Willem Wiggers has vast experience in international commercial transactions. After his research work for which he visited several top legal institutes worldwide, Willem became an attorney-at-law (advocaat) in the M&A practice of Allen & Overy, a premier global law firm, followed by interim assignments with Philips Electronics, NXP, Royal DSM, AkzoNobel. Willem is the founder of Weagree, a global innovator that accelerates contract drafting by providing model-contract-drafting services and a leading contract automation application. 

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Willem also wrote other books: Cross-border contracting – How to draft and negotiate international commercial contracts (published by the ITC, a joint agency of the United Nations and WTO), to which Willem is a consultant. International commercial contracts – source materials (published by Allen & Overy and by Kluwer Law International).

Feedback from readers

5 out of 5

A colleague just roped me into teaching a course at a local school called Business Law. I’m required to cover writing contracts, IP and have been searching for materials they might understand and ran across your excellent online book. It so happens that I am a long time believer in plain language contracts so I not only appreciated what you have done but your explanations of some important clauses they should know about which I think are not beyond them, unlike most of what I have found. Your treatment of warranties, for example, is exactly what they need to know.

5 out of 5

Met veel interesse houd ik uw website en de Weagree LinkedIn-group bij. Ontzettend interessant, nuttig en leerzaam. Veel dank voor de tijd en energie die u hierin steekt.

5 out of 5

I have a keen interest in the law, particularly in drafting solid contracts, and am constantly striving to improve my legal knowledge and stay on top. I initially came across your LinkedIn group via your website, and have started reading your online book. I find both to be extremely useful resources for a layman entrepreneur like me who likes to get involved in the nitty-gritty wording of legal agreements.

5 out of 5

I’ve just come across the Weagree site for the first time. It’s damn impressive. I teach legal English and legal drafting for a number of law firms and banks. I’ve already learned something useful after reading just a few pages of your online book on writing contracts. I was wondering what I should tell a Dutch lawyer about using the phrase “resolutive conditions”. The book touches on that subject. It’s a pleasure to come across someone in the Netherlands who is talking publicly about contract drafting.

5 out of 5

Really appreciate your insights and comments on LinkedIn and would value being able to read your book drafting contracts…

5 out of 5

I am a young lawyer working at a family business and am learning about contracts on the fly. I have found your online book quite useful. …Regardless I really appreciate you writing this guidebook, as it has been very helpful to me in learning something that I did not get much of a guide to in law school.

5 out of 5

Before anything else, I would like to thank you for releasing this book on writing contracts, as I feel exactly this sort of sharing knowledge is essential and, unfortunately, still quite rare in the field of law…

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