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About Weagree

Accelerated contracting – our mission

Weagree accelerates contract drafting. We provide a highly user-friendly contract automation solution for top quality contracts, optimising the performance of legal professionals. Our solution includes contract lifecycle management and operates as a repository (of signed-and-scanned contracts and contract-related files).

As one of the first contract automation providers worldwide, Weagree is a leading innovator. We are recognised as an expert on best practices of contract drafting, and inspire our customers by improving their quality of contracting. We are changing an industry.

Accelerated contracting – our business

Weagree accelerates contract drafting by providing automated contract creation software combined with model contract upgrading services:

Automated contract creation. Weagree’s contract automation application (the “Weagree Wizard”): through a smart and user-friendly Q&A-function, users create high quality (simple or complex) first draft contracts in minutes rather than hours.

Weagree Workspace. The Weagree Wizard is the central place for initiating and managing all your business transactions: managing negotiated contract versions, comparing contract versions, managing documents related to your contract or the transaction.

Contract (lifecycle) management (CMS or CLM). The Weagree Wizard contains an integrated contract lifecycle management solution: a repository for all signed contracts (and contract-related documents), email alerting solution (for deadlines and expiry dates), and managing contract data (rights and obligations). Plus entity management (for your corporate housekeeping).

Model contract upgrading. We support organisations in drafting and upgrading their model contracts. The Weagree Wizard is a contract know-how management solution.

A contract drafting ecosystem. Weagree offers a complete ecosystem of contract drafting expertise: a free online book Contract drafting, our LinkedIn group Drafting contracts, contract-drafting courses and masterclasses, free model contracts on Mdlcntrcts, a training programme Cross-border contracting, developed with the International Trade Centre – a joint agency of the United Nations and World Trade Organisation (and book, accessible on precontractual.com).

We have a number of impressive customers. We help them accelerate contract drafting: optimising the performance of in-house legal counsel and attorneys-at-law by providing a complete contract know-how management solution.

Our values

Our mission statement would be meaningless if it weren’t consistent with who we are and what Weagree stands for:

Excellence. We are committed to excellence in everything we do, always and everywhere, with a view to creating permanency with our customer’s interests.

Learning. The pleasure of learning is a driving force. We continuously seek to improve ourselves and to encourage others to achieve their full potential, to be receptive to differing opinions and to enjoy collaboration.

Authenticity. We build our relationships on respect and reliability, appreciating openness and honesty.

Our history

Weagree was founded in 2006. We launched the prototype of the Weagree Wizard in 2008. At that time, Weagree was one of very few legal innovators worldwide (the term ‘legaltech’ was not yet invented). In 2011, Weagree was nominated for Hill’s Innovating Justice Award, a worldwide recognition for disruptive innovations as regards the access to and provisioning of professional legal services.

Weagree is bootstrapped. Weagree has been able to become successful without venture capital or private equity. We are proud of our independence; we develop our application step-by-step together with our customers – in innovation-terminology: Weagree is ‘bootstrapped’. This approach enabled us to explore best ways to improve the Weagree Wizard and to maximise its user-friendliness – we’re not learning what user-friendliness means merely because we’re lawyers ourselves, but also because we collaborate so closely with our customers.

If you are afraid of a small global product leader: numerous impressive customers stepped over it, and have been experiencing our passion as part of their return on investment.

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